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» Listings for July 2023

  1. Caravan Cross Stitch Kits - The holiday season is underway so here is a selection of our cross stitch designs featuring the ever popular Caravan by Bothy Threads. 

    Vintage Caravan Cut Thru kit by Bothy Threads - Very detailed, quirky design.

    Vintage Caravan Cut Thru Cross Stitch - Bothy Threads

      Caravan Fun Cross Stitch by Bothy Threads  

    Caravan Fun Cross Stitch - Bothy Threads

    Sew Dinky Caravan Cross Stitch by Bothy Threads

    Sew Dinky Caravan Cross Stitch - Bothy Threads

     Our Caravan sampler cross stitch with space to personalise - designed by Bothy Threads.

    Our Caravan Cross Stitch - Bothy Threads

    Home Sweet Home caravan cross stitch - vintage poster style design by Bothy Threads.

    Caravan Cross Stitch - Home Sweet Home


    Our Happy Place - Caravan cross stitch kit design by Lucy Pittaway for Bothy Threads

    Caravan Cross Stitch - Our Happy Place